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Privacy & Security

We work hard to ensure your privacy and financial safety.

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Cumberland Security Bank’s Privacy Policy

Learn how we gather, retain, and protect the security of your information.

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Know how to protect yourself

Familiarize yourself with best practices for keeping your bank accounts and electronic devices secure, and learn how to recognize attempts to steal your personal information.

line eye iconID Theft

Find out how to deter, detect and defend against identity theft

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Online Banking Security

Ensure that your online activity is safe when banking from your PC

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Mobile Banking Safety

Protect your financial data as you access it from your phone

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ATM Safety

Risks to watch out for when using an ATM

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Protect Your Computer

Avoid harmful software and loss of data using these tips

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Smartphone Security

Best practices for keeping your phone secure

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Learn how to recognize attempts to steal your personal information

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Counterfeit Check Scams

Common check scams designed to trick you out of your money

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