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Card Services

Use our card services to get the fastest, most convenient access to your funds.

Cumberland Security Bank's NOW! Debit Card

NOW! Debit Cards

With our NOW! debit card, you can have a new card in your hand within minutes of walking into the bank. It’s easy to use and gives you 24-hour access to your money from ATMs all around the world. You can also use it as a credit card wherever VISA is accepted. There are no annual or transaction fees when you use your debit card at a VISA merchant location or at any Cumberland Security Bank ATM.


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Use your debit card to save money

Enroll in our Change Up savings program, and every time you use your NOW! debit card, the transaction amount will be rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference deposited into your savings account.  If you use your card a lot, you’ll be surprised how fast it adds up.  This may be the easiest way to save money yet!

Credit Cards

We offer personal and business credit cards designed to make your purchases more convenient and rewarding. Our credit cards eliminate the need to carry lots of cash or even a checkbook. They are widely accepted for payment of all kinds of goods and services and can also be used for cash advances when you are running short. Additionally, your purchases earn points that can be redeemed for travel certificates, gift certificates, merchandise and full-service travel.

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Cards provided by TCM Bank, N.A.


We have ATMs at each of our four convenient branch locations so you can access your funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All ATMs provide account balances and withdrawals and accept cash and check deposits*.

ATM Safety

*Funds from deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Please refer to the bank’s rules governing funds availability for details.

Lost or stolen debit card?

To report a lost or stolen card during business hours, call us at 606-679-9361.

After business hours, you may call 844-202-5333.

Use online and mobile banking to disable a missing card.  How?

Protect yourself against card fraud using these free tools


Detect fraud using card alerts

How long would it take you to know if someone had stolen your card information and used it to make a purchase or withdraw money from your account? If you’re using our debit card alerts, you will know immediately. You can be alerted by text and email any time your card is used. If you don’t recognize the transaction, you can take action immediately to stop further fraud.

How to turn on card alerts:

Option 1: Call us at 606-679-9361 or enroll online.

Option 2: Enable alerts from CSB Online Banking or the CSB Mobile app:

  1. Log into CSB Online Banking or the CSB Mobile app.
  2. Select Manage Alerts from the main menu.
  3. Under the Card Alerts section, choose the card(s) you want to enable alerts for.
  4. Choose the type of alerts you want, and specify the email address or phone number to receive the notifications.


Prevent fraud by turning your card off

If you misplace your card or suspect it’s stolen but do not want to cancel the card just in case you eventually find it, you can temporarily disable it through Online or Mobile Banking. If someone else has it, this will prevent them from spending your money. If you later find the card, simply turn it back on and it will be ready to use again.

How to turn your card on and off:

  1. Log into CSB Online Banking or the CSB Mobile app.
  2. Select Manage Cards from the main menu.
  3. Find the card you wish to activate or deactivate and click the On/Off button to change its current status.