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Account Switch

Make the move to a better banking relationship

Making a change for the better has never been easier.

With our simple Switch Kit, we have taken the hassle out of changing banks.  In three simple steps, you can start enjoying customer service the way it should be – professional, prompt and personal.

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Open a CSB account


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Transfer direct deposits and automatic payments


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Close your old account


Step 1: Open your new account with Cumberland Security Bank

Visit any of our convenient branch locations to open an account.  You will need the following information to complete the account opening process:

  • Your old checking account information
  • Details of existing automatic payments
  • Details of existing direct deposits
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Another form of identification

Once your new CSB account is open, stop using your old checking account.  Leave sufficient funds in the account to cover any outstanding checks or automatic debits.  Destroy your unused checks, deposit slips and ATM/debit cards.

Step 2: Transfer your direct deposits and automatic payments

Complete the direct deposit change form.  Send a copy to your employer, investment advisor, or retirement fund so they know that you have changed banks.  Attach a voided check from your new Cumberland Security Bank account.  If you receive Social Security deposits, make sure you fill out Form 1199A and send that to us.

Use the automated payment change form to transfer all of your automatic withdrawals. Don’t forget to include online services linked to your old debit card. You will need to include a voided check from your new account with each form you complete.

If you have online bill payment with your existing bank, don’t forget to print a list of your current payees and your payment history so you can easily set them up in CSB Online Banking.

Step 3: Close your old checking account

Once all outstanding checks and automatic payments from your old account have cleared, simply complete and submit the account closure form. You may email, fax or mail it to your bank.


Tips on locating your routing and account numbers

In order to complete the change forms you will need to know how to identify your routing and account numbers. This information is located on your checks.


Image of check showing location of bank routing number, check number and account number information