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Mortgage Process

Everything you need to know about the home loan process.

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Loan Application

The loan application process can be done in a face-to-face interview with one of our qualified lenders, or you may fill out an application online.

What you’ll need for the initial meeting:

  • Copies of your last two paycheck stubs and W-2 tax forms.
  • If you are self-employed or claim any rental income, also include the last two years of tax returns.
  • See our Mortgage Application Checklist for a list of commonly requested information.

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The application and supporting documentation, including a credit report, will be sent to our underwriters for pre-approval. At this point, all information will be reviewed to see if you qualify based on our credit and income standards.

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Loan Processing

During the loan processing stage, our underwriting staff will order an appraisal and title work for your home. The appraisal company will measure the house and take pictures of the property in order to find comparable homes to determine the value. The title company will visit your local courthouse to check the title to the property to ensure that is clear of any items that may interfere with you obtaining a clean title.




Final Approval

During final approval, an underwriter looks over all the paperwork and loan details and decides whether or not it supports the preliminary approval issued earlier (step 2). If it does, interest rates will then be locked in and a closing meeting will be scheduled.


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After the final approval, your loan is ready for closing. If you are simply refinancing, you will meet with your lender to review and sign all closing documents. If you are purchasing a home, the seller and realtor(s) will also be present and funds will be exchanged. You will receive copies of all documents and be notified of your first payment due date.


Mortgage Resources

Application Checklist (PDF)

Here’s the documentation we’ll need from you to process your loan.


Use our assortment of calculators to determine the best way to finance your loans.

Free Credit Report

Credit reports may affect your loan rates.  Federal law allows you to get a free credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company.  Download yours today to make sure it’s accurate and to look for any signs of identity theft.