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ACH Origination

An easier way for your business to originate debits and credits

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Simplify your company’s accounting.

ACH Origination is a service that allows businesses to originate electronic debit and credit transactions.  Examples of debit transactions include utility payments, account drafts, membership fees, and insurance premiums. Credit transactions are usually for direct deposit of payroll, electronically crediting a deposit account for the net payroll amount.

Enjoy the following benefits of ACH Origination:

  • Simplifies payroll processing and other types of credit transactions
  • Helps you get your receivables faster and easier
  • Reduces costs associated with manual processing of transactions

ACH Origination can reduce the costs associated with manually processing debits and credits. For example, it can be a costly hassle to create and manually distribute payroll checks, especially when you have multiple shifts, and absent or sick employees. The cost of direct deposit of payroll using ACH Origination is only a fraction of the cost of manual processing.

Similarly, manually creating invoices, mailing them to customers, providing a return envelope, waiting for checks to be mailed, and creating deposits can be rather costly. Using ACH Origination to direct debit those accounts is a much more cost-effective way of processing those receivables.