Other Business Services

Business Manager
This is a complete system for purchasing and managing the accounts receivable of commercial customers on a full-recourse basis with a flexible cash collateral reserve. From the business’s perspective, the program unlocks the cash typically frozen in accounts receivable, provides ongoing cash flow as the business generates new sales, and provides management information on which to base better business decisions.

Business Manager enables businesses to:
  • Enhance and stabilize cash flow for growth
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Reduce debt
  • Offer flexible terms to customers
  • Manage customer credit limits
  • Improve accounting reports and tracking systems
  • Insure against bad debt exposure

24-hour Depository
For your convenience, we offer an after-hours depository at all of our locations. Simply drop your deposit in our secure depository and we will process it on the next business day. Secure your funds even further with one of our lockable deposit bags.

Merchant Visa® Account
This service will allow your business to accept Visa® for purchases. Cumberland Security Bank will set this service up for your business so that you will not miss out on any sales opportunities.

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